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Construction of a new building allows FFR to provide a modern educational facility with the capacity to support continued long-term growth of our programs. Our hope truly begins here, with both your prayers and financial commitment to partner with us in the journey towards “Building Hope.”  With a goal to raise $700,000, funds generated by the “We’re Building Hope” campaign will cover the entire cost of the facility.


March 2021

Demolition of the land has been completed. Land is ready to be built on. 

January 2021

After many covid delays, FFR decides to switch from a brick and mortar building to a building with shipping containers. The new building will be named the Agape Center.

June 2020

Vegetables are harvested by the ASP team and each student in the program receives a bag of produce for their family.

May 2020

Fence is built around the entire property. Land is plowed and the ASP team starts a garden project for the Roma children

April 2020

ater and electricity are installed on property. Plans are made to start a garden project that will benefit the Roma people.

December 2019

Contracts are signed and the land is officially bought by FFR. 

November 2019

FFR board visits Budila and votes “yes” to purchase the property.

October 2019

The neighbors signed a notarized paper that they agree with FFR to build an educational center on the property.

November 2018

FFR is introduced to the property in Budila after a year of searching in the area.