FFR Volunteer Contract

Please read the following contract and check the box if you are in agreement. During your meeting with Sarah Berchtold or an FFR representative, a printed copy of the contract will be signed and dated.

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Firm Foundations – România
Str. Dealul de Jos 18A
Braşov, 500080

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A. Firm Foundations – Romania is a registered Romanian association working under contract with the Brasov Children’s Hospital to bring in volunteers to work with the abandoned and semi-abandoned children in its care.

B. Firm Foundations – Romania has the responsibility for administrating and managing all volunteers in this program with the utmost in integrity and professionalism.

C. Firm Foundations – Romania will endeavor to assist the volunteer if any emergencies arise and do its’ best to help resolve any unforeseen situations.

D. Firm Foundations – Romania is committed to providing a safe and fulfilling volunteer experience.

E. Firm Foundations – Romania is committed to treating each volunteer with respect and consideration. It is our pleasure to have you with us.


To assure a good working relationship between the volunteer and Firm Foundations – Romania, the following rules must be fulfilled:

1. Volunteer agrees to submit to the authority of the Firm Foundations – Romania leadership team in all aspects of work at the hospital.

2. Volunteer agrees to treat all hospital staff with courtesy and respect. This is especially important when the volunteer may not agree with some of the hospital policies and procedures. It is not the volunteer’s right or place to judge or criticize hospital staff.

3. Volunteer agrees to fulfill work schedule as provided by FFR and may not deviate from this schedule without permission. Sarah Berchtold, or in her absence Steffi Vogel, should be alerted if a volunteer needs to deviate from the schedule.

4. Volunteer may NOT bring in other persons to the hospital, e.g. friends or family in town, unless pre-approved.

5. Volunteer understands that during and after this contract period, all contact with media must be approved by FFR.

6. Volunteer understands that cameras are not permitted in the hospital unless approved by the FFR leadership team. If a volunteer is granted permission to use a camera, pictures are not to be posted on the world wide web.

7. Volunteer understands that they may not arrive for a shift under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Should this be the case, they will be asked to leave the hospital immediately. This contract will then come under review with risk of termination.

8. Volunteer understands that laws can change without notice in Romania. The volunteer project is under contract with the Brasov Children’s Hospital, but should that unexpectedly change due to circumstances out of the control of Firm Foundations - Romania, it may result in volunteer work being suddenly unavailable. Volunteer understands the need for flexibility should such a circumstance arise.

9. Volunteer understands that if this contract is terminated early for breach of the above or any reason deemed appropriate by Firm Foundations - Romania, they will not be permitted to enter the Brasov Children’s Hospital effective immediately and must return their Identification Badge.

The above conditions are designed to provide a safe and pleasant volunteer experience for all involved. By working together and upholding a high level of integrity, we can make a great difference!

Please check the box if you have read and fully understood the conditions given and agree to comply with the aforementioned conditions.

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